A collection of Portuguese-language poetry from Brazil and a Spanish-language novel from Mexico have won prizes for the Best Translated Book Award, the BTBA.

From Brazil, Angélica Freitas’s “Rilke Shake,” translated from the Portuguese by Hilary Kaplan, won the Best Translated Book Award for poetry. According to BTBA judge Tess Lewis,  “[Kaplan] has done the grant and Freitas’ poems justice, capturing the many shifts in tone in and between the lines, from playful to wry to sardonic to pathetic, even sentimental, to deadpan and back to playful, sometimes within a single poem. For all of Freitas’ lyric clowning, it’s clear she takes poetry too seriously not to dismantle it and use it to her own purposes.”

The fiction prize has been given to Yuri Herrera’s “Signs Preceding the End of the World,” translated from the Spanish by Lisa Dillman. It beat the Brazilian bestselling Clarice Lispector (Complete Stories), which had been shortlisted.

Rilke Shake_Angelica Freitas