Research from Nielsen commissioned by the Man Booker International prize has shown that foreign authors are driving a boom in UK sales of translated literary fiction.

Brazilian Portuguese was among the 10 most popular translated books in 2001, together with French, Spanish, Russian and Mandarin. The top translated book in that year was the bestselling The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho translated by Alan R. Clarke (114,430 copies sold) at the top, followed by Veronika Decides to Die, also by Paulo Coelho and translated by Margaret Jull Costa, which came in 6th with 23,941 copies sold.

Brazilian Portuguese has come 10th in the 2015 list of top languages (featuring French, Italian, Japanese, Swedish and German), and sadly not for a new book, but for the same version of Coelho’s The Alchemist translated by Alan R. Clarke, with 22,978 copies sold last year.