Adriana Lisboa

Adriana Lisboa (25 April 1970) is a writer of fiction, poetry, short stories and books for children from Rio de Janeiro

“Belloto has assembled here a winning cast of writers whose own procurers, colonels, cops, traffickers, socialites, slum-dwellers, embezzlers, tourists, detectives, journalists, politicians, assassins, outlaws, and coup-plotters jump off every page and into your bed. This anthology is delicious and deliciously discomforting.”

By M. Bartley Seigel in Words Without Borders.

Rio Noir

Rio Noir (Akashic Noir) – Brand-new stories by: Tony Bellotto, Luiz Alfredo Garcia-Roza, MV Bill, Luiz Eduardo Soares, Guilherme Fiuza, Arthur Dapieve, Victoria Saramago, Arnaldo Bloch, Adriana Lisboa, Alexandre Fraga dos Santos, Marcelo Ferroni, Flávio Carneiro, Raphael Montes, and Luis Fernando Verissimo. All stories translated from Portuguese by Clifford Landers.


Symphony in White

Original title: Sinfonia em branco (2001)
Author: Adriana Lisboa
Translator: Sarah Green

The two daughters of Afonso Olimpio and Otacilia raised in rural Brazil in the 1960s and educated in teeming Rio de Janeiro in the 1970s form the counterpoint and central theme linking four generations: the pliant, troubled Clarice and the lovely, strong-willed Maria Ines. As other voices join in – those of the men they have married and the ones they have loved; the artist manque Tomas; villagers and childhood friends; Great-Aunt Berenice in Rio; Eduarda, Maria Ines’ eighteen-year-old daughter – the cool, white calm of the sisters’ universe dissolves in a swirl of dark secrets. The family’s silences echo the unspoken atrocities of the military dictatorship holding sway in their country. But after the death of their mother forces Clarice and Maria Ines to face their shared past, an old score is settled. In a dramatic and powerful work of great beauty and harmony, Lisboa reveals the abysses of the human soul within a framework as delicate as a butterfly’s flight. (Source: publisher)

Symphony in White_Adriana Lisboa

Hardcover: 208 pages
Publisher: Texas Tech University Press (30 Nov. 2009)
Translator: Sarah Green
ISBN-10: 0896726711
ISBN-13: 978-0896726710
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Hut of Fallen Persimmons

Original title: Rakushisha (2007)
Author: Adriana Lisboa
Translator: Sarah Green

In a station of the metro in Rio de Janeiro, where both live, illustrator Haruki and artisan Celina meet by chance–and soon decide, however improbably, to travel together to Japan. Their shared destination: the famous Rakushisha, or Hut of Fallen Persimmons, where seventeenth-century haiku master Matsuo Bash? once stayed. Their trip to Kyoto provides a context for each to meditate on the past, their feelings for each other, and questions of cultural difference. Through a counterpoint of narration and text, the pair’s losses and struggles gradually unfold.
Bash?’s haiku brilliantly mold the novel’s structure. Bash?’s translator in Brazil, readers learn, is Haruki’s great unrequited love, and Celina’s sad eyes conceal a tragedy in her own life. In this exquisitely woven novel, meant to be cradled in both hands as the Japanese might hold a precious object, the characters’ every gesture, reflection, and self-revelation are manifest. (Source: inside flap)

HutofFallenPersimmons_Adriana Lisboa

Hardcover: 160 pages
Publisher: Texas Tech University Press; First Printing edition (30 May 2011)
Translator: Sarah Green
ISBN-10: 0896727211
ISBN-13: 978-0896727212
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Crow Blue

Original title: Azul-Corvo (2010)
Author: Adriana Lisboa
Translator: Alison Entrekin

I was thirteen. Being thirteen is like being in the middle of nowhere. Which was accentuated by the fact that I was in the middle of nowhere. In a house that wasn’t mine. in a city that wasn’t mine, in a country that wasn’t mine, with a one-man family that, in spite of the intersections and intentions (all very good), wasn’t mine.

When her mother dies, thirteen-year-old Vanja is left with no family and no sense of who she is, where she belongs, and what she should do. Determined to find her biological father to fill the void that has so suddenly appeared in her life, Vanja decides to leave Rio de Janeiro to live in Colorado with her stepfather, a former guerrilla notorious for his violent past. From there she goes in search of her biological father, tracing her mother’s footsteps and gradually discovering the truth about herself.

Rendered in lyrical and passionate prose, Crow Blue is a literary road trip through Brazil and America, and through dark decades of family and political history. (Source: publisher)

Crow Blue_Adriana Lisboa

Paperback: 240 pages
Publisher: Bloomsbury Circus (10 Oct. 2013)
Translator: Alison Entrekin
ISBN-10: 1408838303
ISBN-13: 978-1408838303
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