Affonso Romano de Sant’Anna

Affonso Romano de Sant’Anna (March 27, 1937), is a poet, essay writer, and professor from Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais.

Baroque, the soul of Brazil

Original title: Barroco, alma do Brasil (1997)
Author: Alfonso Romano de Sant’Anna
Translator: Diane Grosklaus

The commercial sponsors of the book, Bradesco Seguros, wanted a book published that would look at the cultural foundations of Brazil with Baroque therefore a natural choice. Rather than the volume being a simple photographic and textual work, the aim was to go much more deeply into the towns and villages of Brazil for the signs of the Baroque style influencing the nation’s culture. The task of recording this evidence was entrusted to the talented and skillful pen of the Brazilian Poet Affonso Romano de Sant’Anna. It explores manifestations of the Baroque in all its diversity: in architecture, in music, in literature, in theatre, and in painting. It looks at the development of Baroque in Brazil from the perspectives of history and at its sociological implications. Visually, the book offers a sample of art works in exceptionally fine photographs, published here for the first time. Wherever Baroque has left traces down through Brazilian history, it has shown that it is not simply an art form, but the preponderant influence on the thought and behaviour of the Brazilian people. The accompanying text puts the phenomenon in its historical, cultural and sociological context and shows the spiritual evolution of the Brazilian people – how it has moulded them since the Jesuits’ ratio studiorum (Plan of Studies), the illuminated words of Father Vieira, the mulatto polyphonies of Lobo de Mesquita, and the dramatic tropicalisms of Ataides paintings – all this demonstrates the spiritual evolution on these pages in the pure poetry of Affonso Romano de Sant’ Anna and with the wonderful documentary photographic record from the lens of Pedro Oswaldo Cruz. (Source: Amazon)

Baroque, the soul of Brazil_Affonso Santana

Hardcover: 204 pages
Publisher: Comunicação Máxima (1998)
Translator: Diane Grosklaus
ISBN-10: 8586631043
ISBN-13: 978-8586631047
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A Man and His Shadow

Original title: O homem e sua Sombra (20o6)
Author: Affonso Romano de Sant’Anna
Translator: Fred Ellison

A Man and His Shadow, published in Portuguese in 2006 and appearing here as a complete bilingual edition, immerses the reader in renowned Brazilian poet Affonso Romano de Sant’Anna’s enigmatic world of shadows. A master of humorous meditation, Sant’Anna offers the reader an elegant and beguiling compendium of miniature histories. As we eavesdrop on encounters between the conscious and unconscious mind, we enter a curious realm in which shadows take part in duels, fetch the daily paper, and attend orgies, while their corporeal counterparts engage in the usual impetuous acts of treachery and devotion. At once mercurial, funny and profound, the linked verse narratives in A Man and His Shadow form an irreverent collection of organized whimsy. (Source: publisher)

A Man and His Shadow_affonso Santanna

Paperback: 97 pages
 Publisher: Host Pub.; Bilingual edition (Oct. 2008)
 Translator: Fred Ellison
 ISBN-10: 0924047674
 ISBN-13: 978-0924047671
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