Mário de Andrade

Mário Raul de Morais Andrade (October 9, 1893 – February 25, 1945) was a poet, novelist, musicologist, art historian and critic, and photographer from São Paulo. He is one of the founders of Brazilian modernism.

Out now: Miss Dollar and other unpublished stories by Machado de Assis

Miss Dollar: Stories by Machado de Assis is a new collection of short stories by Brazilian novelist, poet, playwright and short story writer Machado de Assis, just out now. The bilingual paperback (548 pages) has just been released by New London Librarium and it is not quite available yet (only on the American version, for the time being). Most of the stories are from Machado’s earlier, formative period, and had never been published in English before (as Machado’s works are in public domain, it is possible to find some of them done by independent translators). Miss Dollar, which gives name to the collection, was written in 1870 and published in Contos Fluminenses. It is one of the latest “romantic” pieces of writing by Machado.

Miss Dollar_Machado de Assis

By Machado de Assis, Ana Lessa-Schmidt has worked on Ex Cathedra: Stories by Machado de Assis, together with 13 other specialist translators. She has also translated Religions in Rio, by João do Rio, and is now translating Vertiginous Life (Vida Vertiginosa) by the same author (expected in September 2016). She is also working on a new translation of Love—Intransitive Verb (Amar—Verbo Intransitivo), by Mario de Andrade (which has been launched in English as Fräulein, in a 1933 Macaulay Company edition, translated by Margaret Richardson Hollingsworth.)

New London Librarium, a small literary press in Hanover, Connecticut, has been releasing a bilingual series of translations of Brazilian authors, as well as books on Brazilian history, issues, and culture. The series is being funded in part by four grants from Brazil’s National Library  specifically for support of the translation to English of works by Brazilian authors. Some of the other books by New London Librarium are:

  • Law of the Jungle: Environmental Anarchy and the Tenharim People of Amazonia by Glenn Alan Cheney, translated into Portuguese by Daniela Vidigal
  • Quilombo dos Palmares: Brazil’s Lost Nation of Fugitive Slaves  by Cheney
  • Journey on the Estrada Real: Encounters in the Mountains of Brazil by Cheney
  • Promised Land: A Nun’s Struggle against Landlessness, Lawlessness, Slavery, Injustice, Corruption, and Environmental Devastation in Amazonia by Cheney



Hallucinated City

Original title: Paulicéia Desvairada (1922)
Author: Mário de Andrade
Translator: Jack E. Tomlins

Published in 1922, Mário de Andrade’s Paulicéia desvairada is considered his first truly personal, if uneven, book of poetry. One of the characteristics of this volume is the opening declaration to the effect that São Paulo is the tumult of his life, and critics have customarily remarked on the organizing presence of the city in the volume. […] Paulicéia desvairada represents what can be called the urbanization of poetry, and proceeds to examine, in a way previous criticism has failed to do, the incorporation of the material reality of the city into this highly significant inaugural text of Brazilian modernism. (By David William Foster, in Mário De Andrade: On Being São Paulo-wise in Paulicéia Desvairada)

Hallucinated City_Mario de Andrade

Hardcover: 100 pages
Publisher: Vanderbilt University Press (1968)
Translator: Jack E. Tomlins
Bilingual edition
ISBN 10: 0826511139 
ISBN 13: 9780826511133
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