Kenneth D. Jackson

Kenneth David Jackson is professor or Portuguese at Yale University. He specializes in Portuguese and Brazilian literatures, modernist movements in literature and other arts, Portuguese literature and culture in Asia, poetry, music, and ethnography.

Industrial Park: A Proletarian Novel

Original title: Parque Industrial
Author: Patrícia Galvão (Pagu)
Translator: Elizabeth Jackson, K. David Jackson

A member of Brazil’s avant-garde in its heyday. Patricia Galvão (or to use her nickname, Pagu) was extraordinary. Not only was her work among the most exciting and innovative published in the 1930s, it was unique in portraying an avant-garde woman’s view of women in São Paulo during that audacious period. Industrial Park, first published in 1933, is Galvão’s most notable literary achieve-ment. Like Doblin’s portrayal of Berlin in Alexanderplatz or Biely’s St Petersburg, it is a book about the voices, clashes, and traffic of a city in the middle of rapid change. It includes fragments of public documents as well as dialogue and narration, giving a panorama of the city in a sequence of colorful slices. The novel dramatizes the problems of exploitation, poverty, racial prejudice, prostitution, state repression, and neocolonialism, but it is by no means a doctrinaire tract. Galvao’s ironic wit pervades the novel, aspiring not only to describe the teeming city but also to put art and politics in each other’s service. Like many of her contemporaries Galvao was a member of the Brazilian Communist Party. She attracted Party criticism for her unorthodox behavior and outspokenness. A visit to Moscow in 1934 disenchanted her with the communist state, but she continued to militate for change upon returning to Brazil. She was imprisoned and tortured under the Vargas dictatorship between 1935 and 1940. In the 1940s she returned to the public through her journalism and literary activities. She died in 1962. (Source: publisher)

Industrial Park_Pagu

Paperback: 168 pages
Publisher: University of Nebraska (1 Nov. 1993)
Translator: Elizabeth Jackson, K. David Jackson
ISBN-10: 0803270410
ISBN-13: 978-0803270411
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Seraphim Grosse Pointe

Original title: Serafim Ponte Grande (1933)
Author: Oswald de Andrade
Translators: Kenneth D. Jackson and Albert Bork

“A great unbook”, as described by Haroldo de Campos in the afterword.

Written on napkins in Silo Paulo cafés, Seraphim Grosse Pointe resulted from at least three different manuscripts composed between 1924 and 1929. Its final form displays a juxtaposition of titled fragments that parody traditional noveles que styles and formulas while insinuating the adventures of a rebellious “transformed bureaucrat” and immigrant. One of the major characters is even expelled from the novel for gross insolence. Manuscripts of both novels evidence Oswald’s attempt to refine a concise, synthetic, and expressive style to convey his acute observations on Brazilian society. (Source: K. David Jackson, Literature of the Sao Paulo Week of Modern Art)

Seraphim Grosse Pointe_Oswald de Andrade

Hardcover: 131 pages
Publisher: New Latin Quarter Editions (1979)
Translators: Kenneth D. Jackson and Albert Bork
ISBN-10: 091872208X
ISBN-13: 978-0918722089
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