Original title: Sérgio Y. vai à América (2014)
Author: Alexandre Vidal Porto
Translator: Alex Ladd

Armando is one of the most renowned therapists in Sao Paulo. One of his patients, 17-year-old Sergio, abruptly stops his therapy after a trip to New York. Sergio’s cursory explanation is that he has found his own path to happiness and must pursue it. For years Armando wonders what may have happened to him. Years later, Armando learns Sergio is living a happy life in New York as a woman, Sandra. But not long after this discovery Armando is shocked to read about Sandra’s unexpected death. In an attempt to find out the truth, Armando starts his own investigation. (Source: publisher)

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Sergio Y_Alexandre Vidal Porto

Paperback: 160 pages
 Publisher: Europa Editions (12 May 2016)
 Translator: Alex Ladd
 ISBN-10: 1609453271
 ISBN-13: 978-1609453275
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